Play in Bermuda


Length of stay permitted in Bermuda

Visitors are permited to stay in Bermuda for 21 days.  However, you may apply for an extension and if granted you may stay for up to six months.

Currency in Bermuda

Bermudian Dollars or the US Dollar.  The exchange rate between the two is 1 to 1

Bermuda Customs
Bringing your pets to Bermuda

Before bringing your animal to Bermuda, you must obtain an Import Permit

Maps and visitor guides

Visit the Bermuda Tourism Authority to see their selection of maps and visitor guides.

Finding Accommodations in Bermuda

You can start your search for accommodations in Bermuda here.  

Transportation in Bermuda

Bermuda is served by an excellent Ferry System.   You can find a map of the system and it's schedules by clicking here

Get around the island on the extensive bus service.  Route maps and information can be found by clicking here

You can also try one of our many taxis.  Find some of those services by clicking here

For experienced riders you may also rent a scooter to get around the island.  Find some of those services by clicking here

If you're staying in Bermuda for a period of 30 days or more you may obtain a driver's license and purchase your own vehicle

Dining in Bermuda

Bermuda is home to many excellent restaurants and bars.   Looking for ideas of where to eat today?  You can start your search here

Upcoming Events in Bermuda

For a comprehensive list of upcoming events in Bermuda, visit the Bermuda Tourism Authority website here

Spotlight Bermuda

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